A Day in the Life of Selena Arandia

At ABLA, our people are integral to our success. Each month we’re spotlighting essential members of our team to learn more about what they do, what they love, and what’s the secret to their success.

Name: Selena Arandia

Position: Planner III

How long have you been at ABLA?

I have been at ABLA for 4 years and it will be 5 years this month on the 15th.

 How do you like to start your day to ensure it sets the right tone? 

I usually like to make breakfast in the mornings when I have the time. On work days I get ready pretty quickly and get in some more sleep before heading to work. 🙂

How does the culture at ABLA support your creativity and professional growth?

I feel like working at ABLA gives everyone a chance to grow. I have always liked doing creative activities such as drawing, so the job helps me practice what I learned through the years I have been in ABLA.

Are you a coffee, tea, or soda drinker?

I have more of a preference for tea! But I like to get Starbucks coffee from time to time.

What strategy do you find most effective in overcoming a creative block?

If I have a creative block, I like to talk to my coworkers to get a better idea of the current project I am working on. We work together to come up with a more efficient design that way.

What activity gives you a midday boost and helps maintain your focus?

I have been starting to do midday walks during lunch time to keep me focused.  I also like to read during lunch, but I am usually pretty focused throughout the day.

Who inspires you? How have they influenced your approach to landscape architecture?

I would say that my mom inspires me. She has influenced me to persevere and to just try my best in anything I do. I honestly find different aspects of people to be inspiring as well.

What landscape architecture/planning activities are you most excited about?

I am most excited about seeing some of the projects I have worked on being built. I know some of them are still in progress, but it’s fun to know that I helped make some of these projects happen.

What do you enjoy doing the most at ABLA/within landscape architecture/planning? 

At ABLA I enjoy designing site plans and overall lotting. I also enjoy doing graphics and contributing to improving our graphics standards.

Do you have a reflective practice to end your day on a positive note?

I usually end the day by looking over my work checklist or writing down next steps on the current projects I am working on. Afterwards, I like to chat with my sister and just watch shows to relax.

Is there a quote or personal philosophy that inspires you?

I like the saying when one door closes another one opens. There are always plenty of opportunities in life, so it’s always about taking the first step.