A Day in the Life of Kimberly Rodriguez

At ABLA, our people are integral to our success. Each month we’re spotlighting essential members of our team to learn more about what they do, what they love, and what’s the secret to their success.

Name: Kim Rodriguez

Position: Landscape Architect III

How long have you been at ABLA?

I’ve been with ABLA since I graduated from ASU in 2018, almost 6 years!

 How do you like to start your day to ensure it sets the right tone? 

I like to start my day by enjoying the mundane morning routine with my daughter, and getting in a little happy dance while driving her to school.

How does the culture at ABLA support your creativity and professional growth?

The collaborative culture at ABLA has helped me grow professionally and creatively because there’s many amazing individuals in the office that will put in the time to help teach and coach you.

Are you a coffee, tea, or soda drinker?

Nope, but when I need a little pick me up I drink some amino energy.

What strategy do you find most effective in overcoming a creative block?

The strategy I find most effective is stepping away, taking a breather, then coming back with a fresh set of eyes.

What activity gives you a midday boost and helps maintain your focus?

When I need a midday boost to maintain focus I like getting up to fill up my water bottle, raise my desk and if they aren’t too busy I like to check in with my teammates.

Who inspires you? How have they influenced your approach to landscape architecture?

Chris in our office inspires me, he’s influenced me by guiding me to understand different perspectives of landscape architecture.

What landscape architecture/planning activities are you most excited about?

Currently I am really excited about Contract Grow/Plant procurement, I love the organization in the spreadsheets, coordinating with nurseries and contractors, and knowing what material is available when.

What do you enjoy doing the most at ABLA/within landscape architecture/planning? 

I enjoy all the different facets within landscape architecture/planning, from the very initial preliminary design, working through the construction documents and finalizing the project after construction with a final walk through. It’s all fascinating and I enjoy learning from each aspect.

Do you have a reflective practice to end your day on a positive note?

I like to end my day by checking off items on my “to do” list, it keeps me organized and makes me feel accomplished.

Is there a quote or personal philosophy that inspires you?

Don’t leave what you could finish today until tomorrow.