Getting to know… Brian Rogers, Vice President – RLA

Offering a powerhouse combination of creative artistry, industry expertise, and Texas hospitality, Brian Rogers is a great leader as well as a strong advocate for the trailblazing stewardship that serves our clients and communities.

We recently sat down with Brian to learn a little bit more about how he got here, what inspires him, and what advice he’d give to his 18-year-old self.


Describe your work style:
I believe in being hands-on, and I wear all the hats. Whether it’s development, business development, or conceptual design—I’m elbows deep. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you enjoy about your role at ABLA:
The work we do is unique and engaging; creating one-of-a-kind projects and pedestrian focused environments is what keeps me inspired. From larger scale master plan communities and amenity facilities; to multifamily, commercial and mixed use our project range is broad. This keeps fresh ideas on the desk, and it’s exciting to be able to see projects move from concept to reality.

How did you get your start?
As a teenager, I had a strong work ethic, loved the outdoors and enjoyed building things— so I worked all through high school and college on the end of the shovel installing landscapes with a few design-build firms. It not only provided a glimpse into the landscape development process (and got a nice tan), but being on the development side now, I have firsthand knowledge of the detail and amount of work that goes into an install.

Something you look forward to each day:
I enjoy working with others, whether it’s coordinating and brainstorming in group discussion or developing a certain aspect of a project. It’s great to see everyone’s personalities shine through. The interactions with others always make make the end result better.

What inspires you?
The ABLA team’s skillset, which can be described in one word: range. From courtyards to 30,000-acre master planned communities, they tackle everything in between and are very successful at it.

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
I’d tell teenage Brian to embrace and appreciate Arizona. This area has a ton to offer. My folks did a really good job at keeping me between the lines and out of trouble. Overall, I feel like I ran a pretty good route. I wouldn’t change much.

To learn more about Brian, and what he likes to do when he’s not at work, please see his After Hour’s™ Film here.