At ABLA, we understand the importance of team bonding and fostering creativity. As an office we recently explored the Desert Botanical Gardens, immersing ourselves in the complexities of the desert plant pallete. The garden is full of sophisticated details from hardscape to planting patterns. As landscape architects we always leave with extended knowledge and inspiration!

Strolling through the gardens, we marveled at the organic lines and shapes that nature effortlessly creates. The intricate details of leaves, the symmetry of petals, and the delicate balance of colors all showcased the brilliance of nature’s design. As a team, we couldn’t help but draw parallels between these organic masterpieces and the creative work we strive to produce at ABLA.

The experience at the botanical gardens became a source of inspiration for our team. The natural lines and designs we observed sparked new ideas, influenced our thinking, and reinvigorated our approach to problem-solving.