For Roosevelt Park, Mattamy Homes aimed to fulfill the City of Avondale’s aspirations for quality residential areas that provide residents with well-organized and interconnected communities. This dynamic community features interconnected neighborhoods, resort-style amenities, and a modern desert architectural theme. Roosevelt Park was designed to promote multiple housing products intermixed on the same street to create a diverse street scene. Architecture forward buildings promote walkable streets while creating a neighborhood focused on the pedestrians and homes, not the garages. The overall architectural character of the property plays off the historical character of the area and utilizes authentic and natural materials in a patterned landscape, along with unique monumentation that highlights Avondale’s central core environment.

The community is designed to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle through its system of parks, trails, and walkways that connect residents to the unique amenity areas. Roosevelt Park’s recreational amenities include a community pool, basketball courts, fitness stations, and turf volleyball. With 18.72 acres of open space within the development, each resident of the community has access to a pedestrian and non-motorized transportation network to live, learn, and play in this special environment. Roosevelt park will set a new standard of excellence in reflecting the character of the area and providing a desirable residential community within Avondale while respecting its existing neighborhoods.

Client Name

Mattamy Homes


Avondale, Arizona

Project Type



73 Acres

Services Rendered

Land Planning
Site Planning
Master Planning
Entitlement Services
Landscape Architecture
Character & Theming
Marketing Trail Visualization
Signage Master Planning
Cost Estimates & Budget Analysis
Construction Services
Community Outreach Services

Design Features

Community Pool
Gated Entry
Community Parks
Event and Sport Lawns
Small Lot Development


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