For us to create spaces that inspire, we make it a priority to recharge our batteries and feed our own inspiration. And recently, that meant enjoying a rejuvenating afternoon of collaboration and competition in our happy place—the Desert Botanical Gardens.

We participated in a company-wide scavenger hunt where we broke out into teams and raced around the gardens, grabbing required photos of certain plants and wildlife as quickly as we could. This not only engaged our competitive spirit but provided the opportunity to make some observations and appreciate the uniqueness of the plant and animal life at the gardens. 

“When my team was on the hunt for a Prickly Pear cactus with a bite mark, we had to differentiate between the dozens of Prickly Pears to find one that matched the image,” said Jada Blackwood. “It was a reminder that it’s all in the details. Each plant is innately unique and is made even more special as it interacts with its environment.” 

Ultimately only one team can take home the winning honors, and we tip our hats to our reigning champions: Lauren Colone, Selena Arandia, Jim Beckman, Francie Baron, and Brian Rogers.