Located in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona, Bellamy is a warm and inviting community nestled on 40 acres providing 163 units, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and modern amenities. ABLA’s design incorporates the town’s historic agrarian lifestyle with a modern aesthetic, creating a pedestrian-friendly community that encourages connectivity with the central amenity space at its core.   

ABLA’s design incorporates the town’s historic elements into a mid-century modern desert landscape, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. Bellamy offers both active and passive recreational opportunities, inviting residents to enjoy a range of outdoor activities and social interactions.

Client Name



Gilbert, Arizona       Greenfield and Chandler Heights

Project Type

Single Family Detached Community


40.04 AC

Lot/Unit Count (Du’s)


Services Rendered

Land Planning
Site Planning
Entitlement Services
Landscape Architecture
Character & Theming
Marketing Trail Visualization
Cost Estimates and Budget Analysis
Grading Design

Design Features

Entry Monument
Community Pool
Shade Structures
BBQ Pavilion

Architecture drawing.

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