Date Posted: Sept 25, 2020

Graphic Illustrator

We are currently looking for trailblazers who want to achieve greatness through innovation and add to the diversity of our vibrant and family oriented ABLA culture.


  • Assists in the development of the project design and associated
    presentation materials including standards and implementation for the company.
  • Develops the graphic’s brand, character, and overall appearance of graphic materials including coordinating the production of hand-drawn, computer generated, black and white, color, perspective, illustrative, 3D model, animation, and other visual collateral as needed.
  • Provide sketches of projects including the shape and scale of the designs, as well as ensuring renderings are accurate and thorough. This involves being well-informed of the varying designs, details, & specifications within a project, and reducing misunderstandings between client and designer.
  • Work with Project Managers to develop strategy to reach the goals & vision of each client and be a liaison between an abstract idea & a fully completed project; providing information about the materials to be used before construction begins.


  • 0-2 years of experience with a a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or another related field required.
  • Candidate must have working knowledge of the following graphic programs: Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and other similar graphic programs.


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